Tuesday, 7 April 2009

And warts and all

Rap 2

Hung out with some Aussies for a Sunday arvo ´Kenya´ (Kenya is when your fucked up and everybody is normal going shopping and the like) session.

One of the chicks couldn´t talk or understand me (funny how i choose to live in a country that cant even understand me?), but we both love Revolver, so who needs words?

It´s not all writing here you know, i take a break, it´s called lunch, then it´s back to the to the writing or as Homer might put it the 3 R´s,
Reading TV guides, Riting to TV guides and Re-subscribing to TV giudes.

I was reading, Huck Finns cure for warts was to hang a dead cat in a cementary, the term ´and warts and all´ has taken on a new meaning, here kitty kitty, come to uncle Kieran :)

The French chick Marie said as we were climbing to the lookout on Copacabana ´Should we drink from these glasses, i dont trust the asian here´, i said ´I don´t trust the Koreans´, what she said was ´I dont trust the Hygene here´, i still dopnt trust the Koreans, the US either, they want to blow everything up!!

Morning after the party

Anna from Holland told me she got love bites from swimming with the dolphins in Runabacka, she was swimming with them all day, so it couldn´t have been a bad thing?

I wonder if she has a boyfriend, and what the hell he makes of it all? Their ´love making sessions´ would be something like ´Are you thinking about that feckin dolphin again?´

Doris from Austria said to me ´So how are the people from the refuege, because sometimes they are a kind of people´, this is true, and Doris is a kind of person too, but thats another story´

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