Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Are you having a Girrafe mate?

Giraffe is cockney for Laugh, i heard someone say it in the Wild Rover

All videos are from the African festival

I wrote this a while back in a letter to someone, i didn´t send it in the end, but here´s an excerpt

..but as you know , someone invented Google maps, and i can see people in your neighbourhood wlking home innocently (the innocently bit gets me). When i re read the last few lines i saw ´Whacking off innocently´ and i thought ´I didn´t write that´ and i didn´t either 10/10 for Kieran.

I wrote it just like that, good job i didn´t send it, people would think i´m crazy :)


Ross from Belfast is under Doctors orders to never drink Vodka, the last time he drank Vodka he got arrested in Ayres Square in Galway, the other crazy from Belfast, Mark AKA Sparkey that broke the DVD player one morning (banging a DVD player hard and kicking it does not rectify electrical problems)

Anyways Sparkey told me i was snoreing really loudly (good job i only slept 1 out of the 2 days i was back (i told him i dont snore, they are just my mating noises)

He also told me my arse was hanging out between the sheets and he came really close to slapping me on the ass, what a laugh!!

Sparkey said he could see one of my balls between my legs, i was too busy laughing to add to any of that, but since i have only testicle (i had one removed from cancer over 11 years ago, i´m firing on one piston!) anyways, i guess he saw all there was to see! :)

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