Thursday, 23 April 2009

Chinese whispers in Bolivia (dont get soya sauce in my ear)

Little miss Austria (AKA Doris) Chinese whispers with Gilles from Portugal, and i get the blame, but they were playing Chinese whispers, maybe they should work for the ´The news of the world´? or ´The weekly world news ´,

I´d quite like a story of myself and some Alien abduction on the Isla del sol (only because i cant think of a Alien scenario myself)

Anyways after telling everyone i didn´t like working in the rain, to give it some logic to all you nerds out there.

IF weather = RAIN THEN Kieran stays inside
IF weather = NOT RAIN THEN Kieran can go outside (and something else about work, but that doesn´t make any sense anyways)

But you get the point.

After all my careful explaining to Doris (from Austria), she tells the Eco Warriors at La Senda Verda that i was out in the rain feeding animals while they were inside.

I have to laugh, isn´t the human brain a wonderful thing after all?

Whenever i play Chinese whispers, i get Soy sauce in peoples ears, i guess im not cut out for it. But Doris, she did tell me her family are ashamed of her for travelling for 4 months and not working and doing all the things a great Austrain would do.

She wants to find herself and figure out what she wants to do in her life.

Look no further Doris, you should work for the Sunday World, its about the only paper people with any intellegence would refuse to eat chips from, give them a call, your desiny awaits, people that read pictures are human beings too, and they might need you comic skills.

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