Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Copacabana sunset

I asked a Canadian chick what the food was like today (on the North side of Isla del Sol) and she said ´You can have that if you like´ and pointed to a whole plate of food, Trucha (trout), so not wanting to offend any Canadians (they are a delicate breed, you know?) i accepted gracefully, her boat was leaving soon, and i was building a diplomatic bridge between Ireland and Canada.

Then the Swiss guy (i thought he was Canadian too) said ´You probably come here every day at 1.30 and say that, and then he gave me his chips, then his girlfriend gave me her chips (and a smile, if truth be told)

Cheers Canada where ever you are on the map? Then the woman cooking didn´t sound too happy and was giving out to the 7 year old (and best waiter, his old man is a total moron, he´s a waiter too, but he can only remember 1 thing, if you order a beer and a salt shaker, you get nothing, i have to laugh)

Anyways the kid took charge of the situation and came out and took the Ketchup off of the table. He was under orders. I paid for my coke and left, then i met my Shaeman Tulassi. I had to laugh, and i did.

The reataurant and staff wern´t laughing (i wonder what Ramsay would say, cos i know what i´d say to him, in this wonderful world of food)

Quality at the right price, yum, yum!!

Really cool hostel, yes you can stay here, even you!

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