Tuesday, 21 April 2009

A cruel sort of kindness

The girl with the credit card issue is on the left

Met an English chick called ´Stephany´, immediately i started calling her ´Stef´, it´s a name i´m quite familiar with. I told her when my ex was being a bit a princess (and other times too, not in bed) i called her Stef. Didn´t go down too well, but she had a good sense of humor and that helps at times.

Met 3 english chicks (one was Stef) in the bar in the Wild Rover and the topic of how i fund my freestyle ´I go places i like´ came up. I told them i going to max out the english credit card and when i got the bill i was going to stamp it ´Deceased´ and send it back.

Videos are from El Choro treck

After 10 seconds one of the chicks looked like she was going to collapse and left. Her friends said ´Oh, no you shouldn´t have said that, she gets very upset about credit cards and the like and things were going so well also, we could have been facebook friends!!

Saw the 3 English (that look like Sweeds) girls next day (see photo above) and they wouldn´t tell me the story to satisfy my cat killing courosity. How am i ever going to learn like this if i dont know my mistakes?

The voice in my head says to keep going, fair enough voice in my head, but i suppose it is a sort of cruel kindness, the credit card company needs to learn a lesson too, and i am going to teach it to them, and it will be very clear, they should be paying me, who would i send my fee to though ?

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