Tuesday, 21 April 2009

The danger of staying too long, anywhere......

Videos are from the end of the 71kms El Choro treck

The danger in staying in Isla del sol is instead of being my being my favourite place in the world (did i tell you it has tons of donkeys, lamas and sunshine?)

I could have a bad experience (in writing experience i mistakenly wrote sexperience, hmm.. strange that, brain what are you trying to say? .......... silence)

I could get sunburned, bitten by a donkey, chased by a lama (they are very terratorial) and then it would be my 10th favourite place in the world and i´d be back to square one when people ask me where my favourite place in in the world and my response would be silence as my brain tries to compute the best place i have ever been in the world question and suntract all the alochol and try to bury the remainder in the garden.

But maybe 1 more night here might be in order, then it´s here i come Peru!

Lock up your mother´s!!!

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