Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Didn´t walk over to the other side after all, i got the boat, and i left my tent on it, i went back for it and i was off again . Now we are in April, i guess, got to be back in Oz bt decemberm, got to stick in Peru, Brazil, America, Vancouver, who said the northern lights? NY for the new tattoo, home, Thailand (gotta get lots of student cards for the coming years) Malaysia, WA for Christmas with mmy auntie Theresa.

Wild times in the Wild Rover videos

You can do it put you back into it, i can do it put your ass into it!!

Went back to the north side again, and i went for a walk through all the crop fields to another side of the island, and sat on a rock and read my book and meditated.


10 out of 10 for all the old wommen working in the fields for all their hard work, old people are important after all.

Note to reader:
People here look old and then you see them beast feeding, Fuckin Fred from France told me he met a woman his age (33) and she looked over 50, no teeth (teeth can get in the way anyways, you have to be open minded sometimes) and for breast feeeding, if it feels good, do it, i think?

(so says Dr Kieran, i signed my name as Professor Kieran a few days ago, so i must be pretty confident, Brian from Melbourne signed his name as Doctor, he is thinking of going back to college to be a doctor, but why bother, the locals here will believe you anyways?)

So maybe the old women weren´t that old?

I am going to walk to the next village Cha Chuia, an italian guy told me, the walk is amazing. Sounds good to me, and i like that word Amazing too!!!

Met an Australian woman living in Peru, she gave me a list of things to do and see, one was volunteering in an orphananage and the like, as long as i dont have to feed kids in the rain, i think i´ll be ok, and i´ll be making the world a better place, for now, at least i wont be adding to the worlds problems.

Found this video too, from the ´Slainte´ session

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