Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Donkey Island, whats in a name anyways?

This place (Isla del sol) could be called Donkey Island, there is that many donkeys and as i say that a calvery of them come down the path (i think they think they are Stallions, flash back to Shrek, when donkey turns into a Stallion, not an Italian one, but close enough)

Ok, they can keep the name Isla del sol (i am getting sunburned after all)
Donkey Island might not be the best tourism idea that has ever happened to Bolivia), oh here come some sheep, could we call it sheep island? I´ll be very good!!

And more donkeys, ah hell, i think i will call it ´Sunburn island´ (there is no treasure here, i dont care what any old map says, not that i can read them anyways)

My favourite place in the world is right here, right now (and my tan is coming along nicely)

Some things people wrote in my book............

There are things that are seen and things that are unseen, in between there are windows

There is a devil, there is no doubt. But is he trying to get in us or is he trying to get out?

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