Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Dont smack to pony

Doris and meself

I dont feel like reading treasure Island on the slowest boat ride to Isla del Sol, so, now, this!
If anything it will amuse me for a bit, there are pictures to be read too. Ad´s to be clicked on (i dont hear any mouse clicking!! Well after all i am on a boat)

Maybe we can all win, maybe? Dont say maybe baby. Met some ´Crew´ from the wild Rover + 2 French chicks, and we went to see the sunset, climbed up the wrong way to the top of the hill for sunset, watched dogs fuck on the street (while the french chick´s were making a call), well at the time it was more like doggie foreplay.

We are adults, and my mum says i´m old enough to watch that sort of thing.

Some other dog wanted ´In´ and got his ass kicked, and it went on and it goes on, on and on, on to Isla del sol on the slowest boat in the world. Should i try and swim it, i´m not going to live forever!!

I wonder if there is any treasure on the island like the book i cant be bothered reading ´Treasure Island´. Haven´t seen any pirate types (plenty of doors marked Private, is it a clue?), no shovels, or `parrots. If i did find anything i´d doubt my ´Finders keepers´ arguement would wash at the border, with some cop pulling Inca gold out of my bag. It´s only funny in my head and maybe my blog, it´s not a crime is it?

I still cant hear any mouse clicking folks, well maybe some old woman knitting sox behind me, i wonder if they´re size 11, i did say win win people!!

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