Tuesday, 7 April 2009

El Choro treck, Kieran starts to ask questions...

On the second night we made it to ´Casa Japanase´ and his garden, he reminded me of the Japanses guy guy in Tom Robbins book ´Even cowgirls get the blues´, after we got there, in he ran and came out few minutes later, out he came with a bunch of postcards from Ireland, he´s most popular than i though, he´s been there for 40 years (he probably knows more people in Ireland than i do, he´s popular!)

There wasn´t much Japanese about his house or garden, what was i expecting? He did look Asian thought, not sure about the Hygiene, the dog was covered in mange, should that have been enough.

The woman where we stayed on the 2nd night (we splased out $3 for a bed, i am getting old!) anyways, they bought a lovely dog for about 15 Euro, i said if i live there i would give her 30 Euro for the dog and they thought that was the funniest thing ever, if only she knew what i payed for Sneachta (about 650 Euro) for my mother.

And he´s worth every penny, his sperm is probably worth more than gold, he´s from good stock, he´s got a good breeding line in him, does Sneachta rua (rua is foxy in Irish) and the best thing is he reminds me of Squirrel monkeys.


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