Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Floating around like a butterfly on a summers breeze

All photos are from Isla del Sol

I´m pretty sure the men (cos it´s men´s work, not for weak women) collect seaweed from the beach to make earth, just like they did in the Aaron Islands, in the old country. How interesting it is the Island life in lake Titticata

Going to move to the south of the Island, i could walk around the island or over the island, but instead, i think i will get the slow boat over and watch time go by or bye or slow down, maybe i can prove one of Einstein´s theorys on the way over after all, i do have a valid ticket and i dont feel like trecking with all my stuff, maybe i´m just getting old, the best of both worlds?

Let me get old, my way, then then maybe i´ll sing ´My way´ before i die, i might have to learn it first or maybe i´ll say ´Either those curtains go, or i go´ or maybe i´ll say to some nun mopping the floor ´May all your sons be bishops´ or maybe i´ll just shut up and die and it could all happen in the next 6 months for all i care, i ´ve done all i´ve set out to do in life. What else can i do?

Suggestions readers?

This is a lama i named ´Sneachta´ (Irish for Snow)

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