Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Gotta love coke......a cola

French girls

So i´m enjoying a coca cola (i have become a walking advert for Coca, all kinds, i do not discriminate) in Bolivia. I´m in Isla del sol (south side, the north side are wankers, i will be on the north side in a few daze and i´m sure my opinion will change with the location)

A donkey is breying (and i´d doubt there are any escaped monkies pulling its tail) I could paint the picture with words and believe me i am going to give it a go. Broken down Rainers camera is on the blink, i will have to get it fixed, the camera (the only cure for Rainer would be for someone to pull her tail, but she lost it somwhere i think?)

Copa at night

And i´ve figured out something else too, when ever anyone asks me where my favourite place in the world is? The answer will be Isla del sol, no doubt. I dont know if i have been lucky with the sun (check the name of the Island Kieran), this place is heaven, the views are amazing, it is very cheap and i got some amazing photos of lamas, donkeys and scenery, people?

Actually i got a photo of a white baby lama i called ´Sneachta´ (snow in Irish), got a few shots as i though ´D would like that´, i dont like it, i love it and other stuff too, did i say amazing before? Can i say it again? Yes, amazing!!!

I was really thirsty

A facebook friend of a facebook friend recognised me beacuse i used ´Amazing´ telling him a story and then he said are you a friend of Lua´s, i need a new word for Amazing, so no one will know who i am .

Someone wrote in my notebook ´How about Fantasmagorical?´

Yes indeed....

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