Monday, 27 April 2009

How the night time sings

Meself and Anna from France

This Thin Lizzy song comes to mind, maybe it´s beacuse the sun is going down?

Met a bunch of English guys from England (where else?) and one of them said, ´It´s great go go travelling and go back to Australia and not some shithold like England, i would agree, i am going back to Melbourne. I have to be back by December, it will summer time and i am starting to get phyced up for it.

Christmas with my auntie Theresa in western Australia, might get a move on after the weekend for Peru, i did say 1 more night, last weeke, but who listens to me anyways? Not that you´d want to, do you hear me? Did you hear what i said to you?

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I was thinking about Brooks Williams, i met him years ago in Cork, i was haggeling with him buying some of his albums. I was thinking of his song ´How the night time sings ´

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