Monday, 27 April 2009

I read a book once, it was green

I remember Tulassi telling me, if your going to do something, do it and just enjoy it. Since i feel it worth writing down, it´s probably worth remembering, so dont forget it.

So, i´m back on the beach on Isla del Sol, sitting in front of Tulassis place, how could i have left? Er Kieran, updating your blog, the big list of things you had to do, shopping for Tulassi, ok, ok, i get it, but now i´m back by the beach and it´s sunshine, happiness, blue skies....

I met 2 Aussie chicks that live near town (the stomping grund of Kieran in Sydney), oh those were the daze, these are the daze too. This much i am sure about.

When you stop travelling, you think of moments like this, i dont have to go to business meetings.

The time flew with the aussies, it was fun, dont try this at home kids. I´d doubt they made their boat on the other side of the island.

But now is Semana Santa and prices go up a lot, their hotel is going up to 80 Bolivanos from 25, time is money and money is er, just money i guess, the Aussies were so pushed of time, they didn´t see the ruins where they kept the virgins for the sun god, or where the sun moon and stars was born.

Maybe dancing with the stars would have been more their thing, i just dont know, one of them did history in college.

Maybe the history love affair is over? But i was introduced to Haikus poetery

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