Thursday, 23 April 2009

I should have went to a sperm bank, instead of the other kind....

My school, the kids call me Teacher, good job i didnt waste time in College trying to be one

Will i tell you about the time i went to a bank and instead of saying 700 Bolivinaos i said 7000 Bolivinaos?

Well, all this happened.

If honesty was my only excuse, ok, so this is my excuse, i was watching the Champoins league, United V Porto and when it was over, i though i`d go and get free money from my UK credit card, i only wanted about 700, instead i said 7000, my mind was saying to me, say what you want in english, but no, but as you know, english hasn`t served me too well over the years, not many people understand me.

I can add Spanish to that list, how many other languages are there?

I am going back to Isla del Sol, with more money than a rapper need wo uld need for a music video on MTV, maybe i will `Make it rain`

I can see the headlines, "Irish rapper makes it rain on Isla del Sol", too cool for school.

All i wanted was to watch some soccer and not worry about money. I could probably stay out on Isla del Dol for a year, good job i bought juggeling balls, i have time.

Time is on my side, it sure is, it sure is:)

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