Tuesday, 28 April 2009

If you have anal sex, don´t eat corn, and my advice on mounting Lamas

Advice to Brook, from some Swiss chick......about corn

Brook says on her Facebook
Smashed the mango and is running the streets with a megaphone...

Some guys says
Fuck you for smashing my pet mango!!!

I love it!!!!

I heard about a movie called ´Drug store cowboys´, starring William S Burrows, so check it out!

I read Leonard Cohens ´It´s probably spring´ and i liked it.

So check Leonard Cohens out here

Brook from Oz, is curious and asks ´How do you mount a lama?´ and from watching a dog today, trying to mount a dog twice his size, the answer would have to be readers (everyone can learn from this), anyway you fucking well can!
This dog, i have to tell you, tried everything, he was on differnt step levels, but he never gave up (i wouldn´t have even bothered trying.......if i was a dog)

But, there were 2 chicks sitting on the steps below these (gay) dogs, and they were humping near their ears, oh how i laughed!

Heard Carole King in Copacabana in Bolivia

Now, i saw a little pig on Isla del sol try and mount a bigger pig and for all my laughing, seeing him run after the bigger pig, after over 10 min of this carry on, the 2 trotters on the bigger pigs back (cos thats how the does it, pigs), the bigger pig stopped running and started eating something against a wall, the little pig, well he got it ´Home´, case closed, mmission impossible!!

Now, Woody Allen once said (and probably still does, he´s still alive) ´Success is 80% about showing up´, so keep trying, get up on a step and 80% of the time, you will mount that Lama.

Sound fair enough?

Carole King, so far away

When i wrote Lama, it looked like Lamb, so you could try mounting one of those too, from Lama to Lama to Dali Lama?


No thats going too far. Why would you need to know any of this anyways?

Is porn getting that bad, you have retorted in Wreading, not reading?

Curiousity did kill the cat, or the mounted Lama, i tried mounting one earlier to test some of my ideas, and then i gave it the kiss of life, this was the final blow.

Don´t do it!!

You comments Wreaders, questions?

Still curious?

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