Thursday, 23 April 2009

I´m an animal lover, an animal lover............

Animal love

Would you believe it? Of course you would! Your reading it here, if you wanted to read something you absolutly couldn´t believe and shouldn´t, you should check out

But once again, i thank you (the informed reader) for your loyality. What i wanted to say was, i walked over to just a about the South of the Island (on Isla del sol) by mistake (walking a differnt way, not with my hands), going another way through all the villages, the short way, it´s not listed on maps and to reward myself a beer was ordered and i am currently sipping and enjoying a magnificant view.

Oh the simple joys of life, my life. Should i have my own reality show readers?

Animal love 2

I was sitting under cover on on of the beaches on one of my walks, when a kid appears from no where, wanting to know if i have a ticket (you need ticket to walk here, next you´ll need a ticket to breathe) I showed him the ticket from the other day, i´d doubt they can read anyways.

How he spotted me i´ll never know, but being the only gringo, word must have hit the street (or sand). Good job he took his time tracking me down, or else he would have whitnessed me expelling hot air and waste where the sub dont shine, on the isla del sol. Where it´s always sunny and airy.

But some air shouldn´t be inhaled, and no one should charge you for it either, take my word for it!

Can you believe that? Why not, you wouldn´t read it anywhere else!

The arrival on Lake Titticata

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