Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Kieran goes for a little Inca walk, without asking questions...


I wanted to do the ´El Choro´ because 2 chicks i had dinner with one night said so, so i said, i´ll do that. So of i went to the Witches market to book it.

I eventually found a company with a tour on, since i was going by myself it was important to go in a group, they had 1 english going so i paid, no questions were asked by either parties and i was out the door, questions just make life complicated. What more did i need to know, i was told it was an amazing treck? It was set.

So 2 daze later a crar came to collect me and the english guy had changed into a Austrian chick, she told me she was expecting an American guy, we both breathed a sighed of relif and had a laugh for the next 2.5 daze, it turns out the treck was 71kms (i didn´t ask questions)

Good job i stuck in 8 hours sleep (in 2 days) before going, didn´t sleep for 2 days after either (i did not plan it like this!)

How the locals do it

So the treck was ´El Choro´, the 2 chicks that told me abou the treck , one of them hurt her leg on the 1st day and needed to rent a donkey, so she bargained a local down from $150 to about $110, for the last 2 days.

I was telling her she would have loked like Mary and Joseph (minus 1 saviour baby) on the treck, sorry, no room at the inn (actually the donkey might have been a horse, but a donkey sounds better, for this story anyways)

Sunset in Corico

Excerpt from Malachy Mc Court A monk swimming
I was suffering from the ravages of the twin deamons, Arrogance and Ignorance, i did not know the rules of the trade did not apply to me´

And ´He staggered under the name of ...´

I was thinking the other day, my first tattoo artist told me i had a high threshold for pain and she should know, she should have been a contractor in Guantanamo Bay

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