Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Lets go through the fire, Ahyuasca ceremony Scene 1, take 1

A note from my favourite nurse.

I call this story, the next day after the other day, the day the truth was revaled to me (10/04/2009)

Spent all day at Tulassi´s place, Brian from Melbourne rocked up after sunset, Maire (from New Brunswick) had soup cooked, with not that much love (her words, i was told it tasted great). Oh Caanada, doesn´t even know her national anthem, ever been to a hockey game love? It´s a Canadian thing, dont you know?

After dinner, myself and Tulassi trecked over to the next beach and into a little cave, no small feat or effort, but well worth it!!!

From inside the cave, we could look out east and see windblown waves, at the entrance of the cave, very cool.

This is for all the haters!!

So in we went, candle was lit and everything was lit, everything was layed out, all sorts or ornaments, from bones to teeth, his old pipe, some dead Condors head (called Conrad), with some cloth around him like a cape.

I was given the first shot, didn´t taste too bad, it had lots of lemon mixed in too, half an hour later i had another another shot (the dosage a little bit less this time), just as it kicked in.

So when it kicked in, the walls turned to link molicules, when i closed my eyes, colors were sirling in a kind of kalidascope, so i had to keep my eyes opened as it was too intense.

Notes from Tulassi

So you are supposed to ask the plant for something before you start, i said acceptance of the past and show me the direction in the future.

I can now see that when i go back to Australia, my life will be a fresh canves, a new start, everything good or bad are just lessons i need to learn for this new start.

The Tarot cards did say for the future, i will have to initiate future plans with thought and enthusisim, so this is the way.

I saw that i used to know so much spirutal stuff, but never praticed it, the plant and the tarot cards revealed this, i need to get back to the person i was before i arrived in Australia, staying at a optium weight being one of the key points.

It was interesting learning juggeling also, i did say i´d leave the island when i could juggle. As soon as you throw one ball up, you let the other one go, let it go, let it go, nothing is permanent, from thoughts to land occupation and ownership.

Even though i didn´t go to the Astral (you shoot up to outer space, i´m told), i learnt enough and i can see the next direction.

Trying to look the Teacher part

Tulassi said my vomit was a bit white (white not being a sign of innocence), it could tie in with the Devil card that showed up in my Tarot, the Devil being the Slim shady that comes out in me sometimes, health clean living is the way forward for me.

After all this was revealed, tulassi started singing a song and as he was singing, i though, ´I´d love to hear the Cassidy song and then he said ´Speak his name and you were born to be´

Cassidy, ´Speak his name and you were born to be, oh to be, Neil Cassidy´ I will be getting that tattoed on my arm

It was Brilliant!!! He sang the first vere again for me, i think it is from the Grateful dead, i will be learning it!!

The book ´On the road´, influenced me to go to America and in many ways i was similar to the character Neil Cassidy, at least i related to that cahracter more than any other character i have ever read.

To paraphrase Cassidy, in ´Oh the road´ book says ´The differnce between people who travel and dont travel is people who travel dont worry about where they sleep or eat or get gas, people who dont travel worry about these things so much, they dont go, and all you havr to do is go´

I´ve tested this and i know, it´s true, but thats another story

So the plant worked pretty strong for a while and then it wore off, we took a bit more twice , nut niothing much happened and reality became my reality and all the time i´m watching the wind blown waves on the lake from this cave.

In Color

It was the perfect place, a full moon, the day of the warrior on the Myan calender, the tarot cards revaled to me that i was in the warrior mode. PERFECT!!!

Tulassi checked the time and it was only 1am, it felf like we were there all night, so around 2-230 we left just as a storm was coming in, i walked back to the hostel, as i got back, the rains started.

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