Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Lets go through the fire, Ahyuasca ceremony Scene 1, take 3

El Choro treck

When the Ayhuasca was at it´s strongest, i saw a sort of Asian man smiling behind Tulassi, i remembered him telling me how sometimes his master comes and visits him while he is doing his ceremonys and i was like ´His boss is here checking up on him, and he doesn´t look too upset´ and it was kina cool, his mentor was there too.

Before i was unsure about spirits and the like, but now i know there is something definatly to it, seeing is believing.
I wonder will Santa Clause find me in Oz, i want to believe, i want to believe.

When the plant kicked in i felt my head being lifted up.

I remember thinking how writing for me is like an overflow for my thoughts, in the same way that crying is an overflow for humans, humans evolved to cry, it is un natural, homosapiens did not cry, maybe writing is un natural for me, thank god someone took the time to invent the internet!!

I was trying to explain from Paul from Melbourne how Charles Darwin got his idea of evolution from an economist Adam Smmith, the theory is called The Invisible hand

When Kieran felf like talking, i was starting to think. Am i talking too much? Tulassi isn´t saying too much, but he said there are no rules, only exceptions.

This is all science ever discovers or proves, the exceptions to the rules.

You make exceptions for exceptional people.

There was no come down from the plant, it was on and then it was off, there was too much to take in and understand and now to write down and see the clear picture, and now there is no clear picture, only the signpost to Oz and a clear canves. Where are my crayons?

Everything makes so much sense again.

I remember telling Tulassi about the Matrix scene where the guy gets distracted by the beautiful girl. The girl is a test, he took his eye off of what matered. Now i feel like i´m back on track, in a positive way, with thought and enthusim.

The Matrix ref is, how i should pay more attention to the now in my movements and thoughts, maybe think of the outcome before acting?

(Director shouts: Cut, and print it)

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