Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Lets go through the fire, Ahyuasca ceremony Scene 1, take 2

Who wrote this, own up whoever you are, or burn in eternity, i am god!!!

When i got back to my room, after (Lets go through the fire, Ahyuasca ceremony Scene 1, take 1) i set the alarm to see the sunrise, but i couldn´t have been arsed getting out of bed.

There were no ordinary moments, another thing that was revealed to me is that is start using my intuition and getting in touch with my female side (i do like my nails painted), this side of me has been repressed, not the nail painting :)

For the Tarot cards, it was ´How the outside world influences the present state´, do i need retail therapy?

Brian from Melbourne, summed up the key points of the Scottish ´Lady´

But after the Ahyuasca wore off, Kieran started talking and talking, it felf like a chill out room at a rave in Australia. I´m so glad i´m going back to Oz (even though half of the aussies i meet dont underatand me anyways), i have a big canvess to paint and as Norah Jones would say ´If i was a painter, i would paint my reverie´.

I always had my reverie, since i left Oz, and maybe like the stockmarket, there is what you have and what Mr Market says you have, when Mr Market tells you it´s not worth what you want to be worth, you go into a panic, but you still have that share and Mr Market can tell you somthing differnt tomorrow and you might be happier.

I can see the door halways been open for me, all i have to do is go in and say hello.

In La Paz, i was talking to a guy from OZ, suffering ´Kanya´ (when your fucked up and everyone else is normal), me too, he went to get a taxi to the airport, i said he probably was going to say to some taxi driver ´Take me to where the planes are´, some chick there asked where i got that quote, i said my brain just told me. So she wrote it down, so i probably start quoting myself?

When i met Diana in Mexico, we were 2 people that needed each other´s help and i learnt some important lessons for the next big thing (the fresh start in Australia).

But i know where ever i am, i know Diana will understand me and forgive me and no one in the world knows me better and it might be some time before could beat her on a ´How well do you know this Irish guy´ test, but i´m now pretty excited about this fresh canves, i think i should buy a coloring book and pens and get some pratice!!

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