Monday, 6 April 2009

The morning after the night before

This might seem a bit strange, if your lifting food to your mouth, i suggest you put it down.

I´m sitting outside a local shop (see video above) after the big fiesta, there´s a whift of bad whiskey (only Irish Whiskey can be spelled with an ´e´) and i like E´s and D´s too.

The puddy cat in the Wild Rover

There is no ´E´ in the Quechua alphebet (although funnily enough there is an E in Quechua), so if your name happened to be Diana, you would be called Tiana, and i´ve heard someone say that too.

In Potosi, the Spanish King created a Devil for the miners to worship under ground, the natives couldn´t pronounce Dia, so it became Tio (Spanish for uncle)

So now the food is hovering near your mouth and your wondering ´Is that it?´, no, there is a guy 10 feet from me and he is pissing on a path near a door and he is going like a race horse, i´m wondering how fast he could run the 100m?

He should at least try, he could break a world record, but all world record attempts will have to wait until he can walk properly, he seems to have forgotton!!

Athletes and drunkards, flashback to the Russian high jump guy

Do i need to add any more?


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