Tuesday, 7 April 2009

The next girl in my life has made an appearance, introducing.....

The righ side of my body is looking a bit bare, so i think i will fill it in with this lovely lady

First words in the new notebook (that is how i write these little muses) A fresh canvess to paint with, using words and a black and white pen, well what do you want? Blood?

Chris Smithers song was in my head ´Finding peace of mind through this commotion terrifies my solitary soul´, the song is the story of my life.

Isla del sol seems a bit like the Bolivian take on the Arran Islande, met some chick that told me she loved drinking Guinness on Inis Mean, me too!!

So i´m sitting in the Inca ruins looking down on the beach, what an awesome day for it. It´s so cheap here too, might stay a bit and give the peoples of the world a break, from me.

My room is under $2 a night and it´s on the beach, how can i say no? Yes, i mean no. I dont know what i´m saying, but i´m staying in this sunshine paradise!

I saw a pig running on the beach with a kid in tow, and you would have too, if you were there, which you weren´t, so i guess you´ll just have to trust me and you should never trust an irish guy that says that.
The day after the night before video

El Choro treck day 2

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