Wednesday, 22 April 2009

North by noth west, on the Isla del sol

I walked over to the North of the island, you´ll be pleased to know (but thats another story). I saw this chick later, i thought i met before that she was from Calgery that i mistakenly asked if she was from New York (you know who you are), anyways, she was none of these people and she wasn´t from any of those places and after talking to her for 10 minutes i realised i didn´t know who she was, and so began the ´Get to know me´ process.

She was from New Brunswick (that´s Canada to the Layman), where? Ask the weather man, they haven´t got much weather there, not much to write home about anyways.

So after all this, nothing mattered in the world again and it didn´t make any differnce (a bit like the differnce between buddisim and christianity, depending on who´s telling the story, me, i´ve got the controls!!!

I´m telling the story, this makes me god, but this is not a religion lesson.

So anyways she started telling me about this Irish guy Shaeman Tulassi, so off i went to meet him.

On the Mayan horiscope, he´s a dragon, i´m a White Galactic Mirror (reflects and endless), we help each other apparently. He told me all about whet he did as soon as i met him, the Canadian was suprised, Dragons and Mirrors help each other dont you know, now i´m going back for one of the Ayhuasca ceramonys on Friday, sould be good, he says it´s good for healing (and i´m not talking about the word of any lord here, overlord maybe?)

The girl kept telling me she was a Nurse, and she´s French

So i will be stying on a bit here, and now i will have to walk to the other side of the island and change $$ and at a shit rate.

A hike 8kms over the mountain with all my stuff should keep me fit, fit is an interesting word to use, and i do.

Not a nurse shot :)

But i will see my Shaeman and get my insight and maybe see life differntly as opposed to now, i do miss having a laugh with D. , but as per Ned Kelly´s last words ´Such as life´

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