Monday, 6 April 2009

The queen and I

Ross O'Carroll-Kelly has just seen that AIB ad where an actor gets a loan! He's thinking, 'No wonder the country's focked! I know an actor and I wouldn't lend him bus fare!'

I met a guy from Wales and he told me a story about the Queen, i love the queen, more than you know, but not like the blow.

Anyways when the queen does appearances, like opening schools and the like (what ever the public demands, she is their servant, at a price too)

Anyways if she does a function, a crew comes in advance to inspect the facilities and make sure everything is in tip top shape, good enough for a queen (i´m thinking of Audrey Hetburn in Roman holiday righ now, are you?

One of my favourite movies

Anyways this Welsh guy goes into the queens special toilet after she has left with her entourage and finds a pubic hair on the seat.

So now this guy has the queens pube in a matchbox, he could clone the queen in years to come, and keep the whole royal thing going, good news or bad news, i dont know all i can do is laugh (my multitasking abilities are a bit limited right now)

All videos are from the African fesival

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