Monday, 27 April 2009

Sometimes, it´s like this, sometimes.........

When i meet other people, sometimes, i am at times, well i wouldn´t say shocked, but supried how they think. I´ll give you an example, i have been living outside of Ireland for about 10 years, but when i go home i feel like i dont really get Irish people, at least the ones from Cork, anyways i can identify more with Aussies (even though most of them dont understand me (i´m still learning to speak slowley)

Old convent ruins, Isla del sol

But at least the Aussies will get up and have a dance and not be too judgemental, i know i grew a lot in Oz. No one would laugh at you if you have an idea or suggestion, it is the land of opportiunty. A guy like me can do very little and do very well (hey, i´m a guy like me!!!)

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