Monday, 20 April 2009

The sun moon and stars

The Sun moon and stars woz born ere

Theres a stone (big rock) the Incas believe one of their gods gave birth to the sun moon and stars, but it didn´t really happen like that, the sun moon and stars were only adopted there and i should know, i´m learning this stuff as your reading it, so don´t stop reading it here or else i´ll get stupider, stupid!

Videos are from The El Choro Treck

I spent some of the afternoon praticing my juggeling, a Belgium guy in 10 min is doing far better than me, i´m thinking my unique talents do not lie in this field (Kierans mind flashes back to lying in a field in Spain and maybe a few white lies here and there)

All this means is that i shouldn´t give up too easily, after allm not everyone can drive a Fomular 1 car, but driving a car is hand, especially for dropping kids off at school (So thay dont have to walk in the rain, Irish rain, even worse, not that that´s a problem now, not since i´m suffering sunburn on my neck on a a place called Isla del Sol (Island of the sun)

I hope the guy who invented rainburns in hell, righ now i´m juggeling, Sunshine, happiness, blue skies....

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