Monday, 27 April 2009

Time management and Juggling

The zoom on the camera broke taking this shot

I would like to discuss the topics listed i the title, the first one doesn´t exist.

Sun goes up and sun goes down, when it´s up, you get up, down, you sleep and what a sleep too you start to feel normal after a week of this. Whats normal again?

Juggling, i was thinking today, when i get the hang of juggling, i could say to people ´I´d rather be playing with my balls´ and when everybody is thinking ´Did he really just say that´, i´d take out the juggling balls and give it a go and then tell them about the cancer i had and the cure (not the band).

I once worked with a chick in Sydney (Kirsten, god knows how i remember her name), anyway´s, one of her friends had a testicle remover and his catch phrase was ´I dont have the balls to do that.

Anyways, maybe one day i might go to China and get a testicle from an excuted prisoner, well you can get a liver or kidney, it´s big business there, why not a testicle?

Now learning time, an Aussie chick was telling me about this poetery, it´s called Haikus

5 Syllabels
7 Syllabels
5 Syllabels

Haikus are easy
But sometimes they dont make sense

1 comment:

JB said...

i had a real life LOL when i read that haiku man. keep em coming.

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