Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Trying to find the heart of lake Titticata

The Argentenians had a bit of a party last night, i could tell by the 4 bottles of rum outside the door on the table, but old Kieran was more interested in reading his book and having a sleep and sleep he did and i woke up thinking something wasn´t right.

It took me a while to figure it out (carry the 1, subtract the remainder from a bannana), the answer was i had only 1 sheet over me, the piece of shit blankets fell off the bed.
So i went out of the room to the toilet (this is what people in less developed countries do, oh yeah i could have pissed in a bucket in the corner, the emperors new bucket, but no one would have been too impressed, and in the morning i would be wondering why my feet are wet?)

So out i went anyways and the stars were the brightest i have seen since the slow boat trip in Laos in 1999 (i am showing my age here). Anyways it was amazing (gotta think of a new word instead of that word, ´Fantabelous´ ?

So i missed a bit of a party, a few years ago this would have been inconcieveable to be asleep while soem craic was going on.

But since every day is a party and if i´m awake or asleep, the party is on, i´m afraid to tell you the Argentenians missed the party (the stars too).

It was Fantabelous!!!

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