Monday, 6 April 2009

Trying to find the heart of a Saturday night

I used to love going to see the International blues band on Fri nights in the International bar in Dublin, then other bands on Saturday, and more on Sunday.

One of the songs they played, that i loved was the song below, and it´s a Tom Waits song, maybe i´ll have to give Mr Tom Waits a whirl!!

So i was out walking with a Polish chick called Aga, (i only remember this because of the Aga cookers) and we passed a pharmacey, so after having a bit of a chest infection since leaving La Paz i sez ´Whats the name of those pills you take when your sick´.

El Choro

She says ´Asprin´, i´m like ´No, no, you have to take all of them (if she said sleeping tablets here, i would have laughed, she did not), she says Paracetamol, then penacellin, no, no, no and now as i´m writing this i still cant remember the name, i guess i just dont have a head for legal drugs.

Thres too many of them anyways, they have more names than you can shake a stick at, and i still cant remember the name of those pills, birth control pills, no, no, no!!!

Myself and the guide

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