Wednesday, 22 April 2009

The world is our class, we´re all in differnt grades

Been walking all over the island, the place is a treasure trove of walking paths. Qualith, with the kind of scenery you´d attribute to China, country China with everyone growing their own crops.

It´s nice to seem but not the life for me.

Kids here dont have iPods (so lets forget the stuff about the iShuffel business), some carry transistor radios about with them. Last night in the restaurant in the North Island there was a really bad song on with an 8 year old girl singing and i was thinking how her daddy must be loaded and how he couldn´t hear how bad it is.

Maybe it´s like how parents dont find their kids screaming as say someone that lives with their cat, do you follow me?

And on top of this the DJ was talking over the song trying to be cool, except he was too old to be cool 20 years ago.

And i said, ´What kind of person listens to this fuckin shit?´ I need to take out the world map and take another look at where i am, anyways the birds seem to be doing a good job at entertaining me, the walks are great and i have sunshine and thats why i am here, 1 more week, it´s Yelapa (Mexico) meets the Arran islands (Ireland)

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