Thursday, 23 April 2009

You cant fall off of a mountain, you can only run down it

This title is a quote from Neil Cassidy

Instead of saying ´He should be lynched´, you could say something like, how they do in Chile ´He should go to the top of a hill´

The best thing about writing stories (instead of telling them) is that the written word can be edited and reedited, but the verbal teller could run the risk of being branded a lyer, thief, racist, idiot or worse a Christian.

I went to the top of a hill yesterday, it was for the sunset actually and the views, well i dont want to use the word Amazing, i´ve used it too much, and Fantabelous, not too original.

i could revert to Australian slang and say it was sick, which would describe my ass this morning (it sent a signal to my brain at 4am to get up and unleach a kind of explosion that´s`probably banned in most countries in the world (i could licence it to the US, they would call it a ´Tatical advantage´, quite so, but i wasn´t feeling too tatical)

But here i am to tell the tale, i might borrow the word ´Stupendous´ for a bit, i´ll give it righ back!!

After sunset, myself and my sunset friends, 1 Dutch chick, 1 German chick and 1 Brazilian (not a chick) went to a Mexican restaurant. Couldn´t figure what the story with the place was, once every 15 min a waiter would appear and off he´d go again.

An English chick told me he went off to Narnia, i was waiting a little longer than i wanteed for my Margaritam i was getting twichy.

So on the way to the toilet i spotted out waiter in a tiny kitchen out the back, making up burritos (out burritos), the guy was a one man show, and the restaurant was busy too, he didn´t look too stressed either?

Gordon Ramsay, take not of this. But who could he get mad or give out to? This has to be Ramsay´s biggest problem, if he had to do the lot in a restaurant himself, no one would hear him say ´Fuck´ a thousand times and the like, it would be like that tree (you know the one that doesn´t make any noise, in some wood) and then people would start to think he´s a nice guy.

Hear no evi, see no evil...

You see, if i was telling you this, you´d be calling me a lying, racist, thieving, Christian idiot?

But because i wrote it, your thinking ´I wonder how the porn download is doing´? It doesn´t download by itself you know, porn is Stupendous :)

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