Wednesday, 22 April 2009

You gotta get down, to get up

When all is said and done, the sun goes down

Someone should have told that to the Egyptian pharo, that once sent a troop of men to kill the monster that swallowed the sun, it appears he wanted 24 hour sun, maybe he should have moved to Norway for the summer, true story.

And anyways the happy ending (if your waiting for one) is that it comes up too (the sun), i know this, i saw it, gonna stay one more night in the Isla del sol and pay in Americanom, i´ll probably get fleeced, but what the hell do i care? It´s my favourite place in the world and after all the money comes out of the wall, it´s that easy boys and guirls.

Myan Ruins

This morning after breakfast i will be walking over to the North side of the island to see the Myan ruins, minus broken down Rainers camera, the words will have to suffice, maybe i was taking too many photos and videos anyways?

Words are the new slick photo images (let´s not bring George Bush into this, i trust words and sometimes books, especialy where a girl says ´Call me now´, and i do and her sister Tiffany answers, Hello Tiffany!!)

Speaking of books, a lot of people have been asking me if i´m published or if i´m gonna get published, some said if i got published they would buy my book after me reading some stories in the Wild Rover ´Tell us another story Kieran´, it was a good laugh, so why stop there?

They sacrificed things here, people i think?

So this is something i will be activly looking into, or if you know reader, let me know, i´ve heard of online journals you can publish to. I am on to it.

If my book doesn´t outsell the bible, i will lose my faith in god.

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