Monday, 25 May 2009

It's not denial. I'm just selective about the reality I accept.

Myself Danielle and the color pencil´s thief (they fell out of her pocket) what a laugh!!

I saw Lo$ Fucker$ tagged a few time$ (now i´m doing it) around Arequipa, and i was thinking, it doesn´t seem like a good slogan for a gang (i´m assuming it is a gang turf war, nothing to do with any kind of turf you might find in some bog in Ireland, or the things pottering around in them in Ireland (Kerry men)

Now i was thinking (i do that kind of thing a lot) the $ bit was interesting, i can only imagine the $ bit represents money (we all know it doesn´t mean peace on earth)

Money i obiously imoportant to these people, of course you say, we all have to pay out electricity and gas bills, we sure do (but not me!!)

Kids playing marbles (it´s like golf for poor kids)

Obiously, Lo$ Fucker$, well obiously they speak english, i speak english, does that make me a Fucker (If i recruited, we could go plural and that could mean $ + $ = (Something ???)

Just ask any of my Teacher friends

They say:
Kieran is a fucker
But for all the wrong reasons. I´m sure they could come to learn to love me, in time, time we do not have.

Now the Lo$ bit, does anyone remember their French grammar (i spent enough time in the Mono Blanco to have learnt a bit of French, but no) No? Spanish, Si? I mean Yes?

Masculine, plural (Remember?)

Lo$ Fucker$ indeed, many a guy is trying to clean this off their walls all across the city.

Keeping the kids in line (it´s about the only order they understand)

Maybe the people cleaning the walls all across the city are learning a new english word, while vocalising it out loud


Sunday, 24 May 2009

Try and be good, if you cant be good, give me a call

Jose from Lima

Fate always gives you 2 choices, the one you should take and the one you do

fATE. I dont know much about fATE, but when i was coming back last night i ATE another street hamburger, how can you cay NO, after a few beers.

Teacher Megan (she said she is going to miss me too!!!)

Cornflakes never had much appeal for me anyhows, so i dont know much about fATE, but i know what i chose, and i would do it again and again, but you got to be careful when you eat those burgers after beer.

Jose again

Why you say? Food standards? Bacteria? Nope, you might get a fake 20, amongst the change you gave for your 100.

Now the fact that she was willing to give me change of a 100 should of raised a few alarm bells, but i was busy thinking about the next burger and then eating that burger.

All is well and good, until y ou try and get get rid of this 20 and you realise there is no bigger idiot than you, stuffing yourself with burgers at 3am (brain listen up)

And then meet an americano and you pay 20 soles to this Americano for yourself and your Swiss friend Mirial at a BBQ (it was really good!!)


God bless America

My favourite dish in the Mono Blanco, The Rapae (Excellente!!!!!)

Saturday, 23 May 2009

So many cats, too little recipes

Photos are from the roof top of Inca Roots Hotel Arequipa, i stayed there for 3 weeks

So its another beautiful day here, here being here, Arequipa and not there (where ever the hell you are?)

I was reading about the Red queen contest from Alice in Wonderland, where you are running just to stay where you are.

It would describe most people stuck in Gyms around the world and most people in Ireland dor that matter (not stuck in Gyms trying to pay for a mortgage, that that could never afford in the first place) NOT ME!!!!

Your supposed to have a mortgage in Ireland, so i suppose thats why i dont have one, your suposed to listen (while seated like a good adult at meatings, teacher ones, this explains why i ran out the door after 1:15 minutes of last nights meating, to do my favourite past time ´Go Karting´ and it was brilliant. I will do it again tonight (not the meating)

But to go from one despair of having to listen to so much crap about bins and people washing dishes in a house i dont even live in for a good 40 min and then to people listen to their own voice, i had enough and i cut and ran and before long i was driftng around corners (you can drink beer there too)

I had a few beers between laps.

Oh how i love my life, it´s the only one i have now, until i make a come back as a squirrel monkey.

Is there any ´Go Karting´ for monkeys? I hope so, i really hope so!!!!

Friday, 22 May 2009

Hi Doc, Google sent me

Photos are from the Mono Blanco (Arequipa)

So after having google ad´s working on my blog, the second day i checked it to see what kind of ad´s were being served and in case you sont know the ad´s are served based on the content, ehat i write about, my content.

Molly and Me

So, the ads being displayed were about ´Clinical Phycology´, so i was thinking, is this a joke? Is google trying to tell me something? Or do i give out advice like Dr Phil.

Will every housewife in America turn to me for solutions to their personal lives? Or does google know better?

Google is god and knows all.

Is it time to check myself in somewhere, is there some google phycology referral process.

Jose from Lima, i have been promised a wild party before Rio!!!

Can i rock up to some clinic and say ´Google sent me´, i thinki that damn search engine is right again, when is it ever wrong?

Xlavier from the Mono Blanco, what a chef and a great guy!

No one is telling any tales

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Tres Bien Germany, Tres Bien Germany

I saw this German group play tonight, 3 Germans, no sign of hiking boots, i dont believe they were Germans, or Gremlins neither.

I would need to check their passports, met an American chick, she told me her boyfriend was Irish, so i sez ´What part of Ireland is he from´, he´s not.

Here we go again, i´m thinking, he´s from Wisconstin she sez.

See what i mean? You always have to check the passports, if you were a rapper you ´Check the microphone´. When i was in New York and people told me they were Irish, i would tell them i was Jewish and i was willing to pull down my pants to prove this point, my faith even!

It could have been the truth, i didn´t have to go that far, not that i had any fear of being exposed, how can you tell anyways?

But how far is too far? Just done tell me you Irish because you Grandmother´s friend sisters best friend had sex with some guy that said he was Irish, but was really from Chicago (some guys will say anything to get laid anyways, i just tell the truth myself)

But i dont buy it, i dont buy little bottles of water either (maybe i should), so maybe i´m not saying much (and now your wondering whan is he going to say something)

Buy little bottles of water from Jewish guys that haven´t been circumcized, because everybody deserves a chance in life.

Dont buy them from me, unless you like tap water at $2.99 a pop, i tell the truth, remember?

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

You need to learn to accept imperfection...and I can help you with that.

Have you been clicking on any Ad´s people?

I really want to make a million $$$ and not have to think about working EVER again!!

It´s not that i´m afraid of working, it´s just that i´m small and weak (and i´ve grown used to my life of leisure and i like things that way)

Oh god please help me!!!

Here try this, click on 20 ad´s on the top side, and 20 on the bottom and this will be like confession (all you lapsed Catholics know what i´m talking about)

Now, i forgive you, go in peace to love and serve anybody you fuckin like!!!

Did you hear me, your forgiven , give in to all the vices (if you already havent, and i recommend you do) and come back for another session (treating your problems as well as mine might take a while, and i´ve got all the time in the world)

Clickty click!!!

The clock is ticking........Sinners

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

You got to get up to get down

One week left of my voLUNATeerInCg, no one has told me to go away or clear off, professionaly (although one Americano did fold her arms, how unprofessional of her arms, and there was nothing nuclear of unclear about it either, when the revolution comes, the arms might have to come off!!!!

Tomorrow i will go to the meating then i will go ´Go Karting´ later, i need to ´Go´ or else it would be called ´Karting´ and whats the point of going ´Karting´, you need to ´Go´ (tell that to all the teachers and their ´Meatings´)

I will get a certificate too, if i go tomorrow, no college time required and the kids still call me teacher, can you believe it?

Photos will need to be taken of this great occasion, of course, i stayed the course, just like American in Iraq, no cutting and running, stay the course. Whats for desert? Of course you sez, yeah, i already said that!!

BBQ at Murial´s hostel, i paid for Murial and myself with my fake 20 Soles note i got one night coming home, while i was busy eating a hamburger, i was sooooo happy to finally get rid of it!!!

Monday, 18 May 2009

To laugh with your eyes

Oh, where have those daze gone, the juggeling daze (the other daze can stay the hell where they are)
Everytime i look in my bag, my 3 juggeling balls look out at me, as if to say ´Pick me up´, like some baby in some riomanian orphanage, and i dont, i say maybe later, maybe it was a phase i was going through, maybe i´ve learnt to let go and now maybe i´ve done that i´ve left the jubbeling balls go too.

I think it´s lost it´s appeal and they still look out as if to say ´Mamma´, i´d like to give them away (to a good home) or throw them at someone, but i dont have the bals to do it.

Do i need more testicles, because that was one of the pointes in learning juggeling, to play with my balls in public without offending anyone visually.

Sure i would announce it for everyone, ´I´d rather be playing with my balls´, but then it wouldn´t be as bad as it sounds, it never is, is it?

Suggestions readers?

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Pretty fly for a white guy, oh yeah, i´m color blind too

George Clooney Jr put me on to this one, cheers buddy

Welcome to the section i call, stuff i read in a book with no pictures
Winston Churchill defined a fanatic as someone who wont change their mind and cant change the subject

Faith gives us all 3 teachers, 3 friends, 3 enemies and 3 great loves, but those 12 are always disguised and we can never know which is which until we have loved them, left them or faught them

Love is a one way street, it´s not something you get, it´s something you give

Kids playing marbles, serious stuff, it´s golf for poor kids

Something for you to watch, Bertrand Russell, philosopher, historian, logician, mathematician, pacifist and was all for free love!!!

Saturday, 16 May 2009

The road less travelled and Les Feuilles Mortes

Photos are from the Monestary in Arequipa

I was reading that Henry Miller met his wife because she sang this song, it was his favourite song, and i really, really, really like Autumn leaves!!!! Really!!

Ginghis Khan
When a friend does something you do not like, he continues to be your friend.
Any action committed in anger is an action doomed to failure

And he should know, he wasn´t a guy you´d want to mess with

And more quotes you can read while your waiting for the porn to download....

Robert Frost
Two roads diverge in a wood, and i -
I took the one less traveled by,
and that has made all the difference

Fuckin Fred from France says......Ghandi says
Live as if you were going to die tomorrow
Learn as if you were to live forever

Friday, 15 May 2009

We are all made of stars, just ask any scientist !!

Photos are from Ariquipa

I met a girl from Vancouver, Reva and she told me when she was young(er), she would ask her mother to to driver her somoewhere, her mother would say no, then she would say, ´I know a number 11 bus (while doing a walking motion with her 2 fingers) that will take you right there´, classic!!

I love this one, thanks Nurse Emily, and i got lots of Nurse talk too

Shantrahm quotes
Men reveal what they think when they look away, what they feel when they hesitate, with women, it´s the other way around.

It´s meaning that makes us human

The last words of Ned Kelly (as everyone knows, was ´Such as life´), his last words to the Judge that sentenced him was that they would meet in a higher court one day, and the judge died soon later.

Thanks Jane, note where all the swingers clubs are!!

Shantrahm quotes
There is nothing as deperssing as good advise
Depression only happens to people who dont know how to be sad
Danger kills the Dragon of stress

One to think about
Doing the wrong thing for the right reasons
When you admire someone for all the right reason, your half way to wisdom

The rightous Americans at the BBQ were yammering on last nigt and one of them said something about positive, Mariel was going to sleep, she was wondering ´Why did Kieran tell the Americans i was HIV positive´, the Americans were stunned.

Breakfast time photos

Oh how i love life!!!! i remember saying this while hitting the straight Go Karting the other night, not much has changed!!

Thursday, 14 May 2009

I was in the military......scouts

Photos are from the Monestary in Arequipa

I was watching tv one morning (hadn´t reached the porn channel at that point, you start at 1 and move up, around channel 5, a movie started and there was some great quotes) and i´m wondering, there is something about this movie and then i see Woody Allen, classic, i now know!!!

It was called ´The secret agent´, very funny!!

So here are some of the quotes, besides the title.

- The only spanish i know is Viva Las Vegas
- If my book doesn´t outsell the bible, i will lose my faith in god
- Just because you all have noble prizes, doesn´t make you right all the time

So i´m reading a book called ´Shantaram´, here are some quotes:

- ´Your heart starts to feel like an overcrowded life boat, you throw out your pride to keep it afloat and your self respect and your independence.
After a while you start throwing out people, your friends, everyone you used to know.
And it´s still not enough, the life boat is still sinking and you know it´s going to take you down with it´

- In the perfect world, everyone would be like cats at 2 o´clock in the afternoon
- The english language is a gental obsession
- The truth is a bully we all pretend to like
- I dont agree with you, but i like the way you phrase it
- The freedom to say no
- Civilisation is, after all defined by what we forbid, more than what we permit

Optimism is the firast cousin of love and it´s excatly like love in 3 ways, it´s pushy, it has no real sense of humor and it turns up where you least expect it

I dont know if i agree, but i like the way he phrase´s it

- The real trick in life is to want nothing and succeed in getting it
- When a wish and a fear are exactly the same, we call that dream a nightmare
- In this life, we do what we can to improve ourselves
- You can compel a man to not be bad, but you cannot compel him to be good (very true when people from Ecuador watch people being robbed and do nothing)

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Tarot cards

I had my tarot cards read, these are the, my notes

The (point 2) 3 people were Brian, Tulassi and myself for Ayhuasca

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