Sunday, 3 May 2009

Are you the crazy Irish guy?

Met up with some Argentinos girls lasr night, i told them they were going the wrong way, for a laugh, they asked me if i was the crazy irish guy?

I suppose you cant really argue with that logic, not that i was trying to be logical?

So we all went to dinner, Kieran had a great sleep and woke up at 10am, the girls went to the North of the island, i was perfectly happy where i was, asleep, let me sleep, i was catching up.

So later i´m hanging out with the aussies and Julietta and Paul (AKA Brian from Oz) comes along (walking with their own feet), so we hang out for the next few hours.

Obiously something i made sense (if not logical?), because all the girls want to come to the Ahyuasca ceramony tomorrow, good thing, bad thing?

Maybe the plant will reveal ´things´ to me, maybe. The truth is being revealed to me (as you read this, the truth is ´Your a lyier´, maybe?)

I´m throwing paint on my canves (life) like some elephant in Thailand or that artist in France, throwing paint behind an aeroplane engine.

Just look at all the pretty colors......pretty!!!

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