Monday, 4 May 2009

Ayhuasca, Scene 2, take 1

My Monastary Canadian friend, Reva, whats your email again Reva?, I lost it

So after last weeks epesode, so i though i´d better see and what would happen this week, on Tulassi´s favourite power plant and it happeed and it didn´t happen (both were great signs, who needs GPS anyways?)

Myself and Brian (AKA Paul from Oz) trecked over to the cave before sunset to set things up, one of the things being firewood (none of which was used in the end)

While we were waiting for Tulassi, Tulassi´s landlord went out setting his nets and came very near to the cave setting his net´s (he´s a very nosy guy, with the mentality of a child)

Teacher Louise

I wanted to moon him, there was going to be a quarter moon in the sky, i would have given him a whole one, whats the problem?

So at about 9.30, ater much star gazing Tulassi (our head improvement consultant) shows up.

So everything was set up, a new batch of stronger Ayhuasca premix was on display, and the taste test begun and we settled into the night.

Same as before, after 30 min another shot was offered, and before the 2nd shot, Kieran hurled Australian style) and stuff i thought could not possibly be in me came forward.

As i puked i saw about 8 big yellow butterflys come straight for my head.

The thing the plant told me this week is that there are no new lessons to be learnt, other than the ones from last week, just enjoy the ride Kieran.

I felt the plant kick in by the way the coca leaves felf in my mouth.

I am going back to Oz, i am very excited about it all, and being told by sister Ann that myself and Brian will be lifelong friends, is a good sign. (he did say he would hook me up with his mum, and he does want a little sister, so guess, everybody wins there?)

When Tulassi started singing, i felt a wall of sound next to me, the songs he sang to call down the spitits were unbelieveable, i felt them resonate through me.

I started off (i am told) saying interesting things all night and just trailed off, this was no end of entertainment for Tulassi and Brian (i was starting to think ´I want to drink what they´re drinking´), we all took the same stuff, same amount.

Teacher Rob from San Diego

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