Monday, 4 May 2009

Ayhuasca, Scene 2, take 3

Photos are of my notebook

Crazy Scottish woman read my hand, this is what she said, besides ´Wash that thing!!!

One of the amazing songs Tulassi sang on Ayhuasca came to him through Ayhuasca, if Madonna got wind of ayhuasca, imagine the possibilities, if Maradonna got on it, well it might help him clean up his act (i wrote cat by mistake the first time, maybe that too) as the plant does not agree with cocaine, neither do i, it is bad for you and illegal, dont you know?

3 Evil spirits came into the cave and attacked Tulassi, then apparently they started on me, tulassi called his master who helped drive them away. I think this was when i was walking on the island with the girl i knew.

Tulassi said the girl i was walkig with was in fact, one of the evil spirits, are all girls evil?

Brian (AKA Paul) from Melbourne goes to buy biscuits (like you´d buy Dynamite in Potosi) in a shop in Isla del Sol and the women are digging in the front garden, so he´s holding the biscuits and 10b in his hand, htey stare at him, he stares at them until he finally says ´Can i buy these?´, Unbelieveable!!!

Brian (AKA Paul) from Melbourne was telling how when he feels sad, he rides it out and goes right down and then back up next day, i would tend to agree, but i do like having a laugh, especially if i´m sad!!

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