Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Broken hearts are for assholes

Oh hello there readers

I discovered tonight (because i feel like i´m a sometimes Scientist, with my little social experiments) that if 2 Americanos are talking shit about terrorisim and you´ve heard enough (one with a ´Bush sucks´ T-Shirt, he could have been Bushes half wit brother)

My Fav DJ Missy Lektro's AKA DJ Margaritaville

Well, the best way to shut these idots us is to talk about Anal sex with a Swiss chick (you can experiment with an Australian, English, Swedish or Irish)

But i wouldn´t really bother talking to an Irish chick about anal sex, not unless you prepared to drop the bomb, after all we´re just trying to stop these Americans talking about these sort of thing.

Teacher Jane

But if by all means you did talk to some Irish chick and she says ´Yes´ or ´Hello´, push all the buttons.

I said drop the bomb you crazy, right wing fanatics, god is on our side!!

(Thats you America)

That experiment deserves an A+


3 Amigos

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