Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Columbian love making secrets.... interesting so far, eh?

Photos are from the Monestary in Ariquipa

Tulassi heard the guy from the Isle of white (that lives in Ireland) that were staying in Pacha Mamma (isla del sol) making ´love´ in La paz (more brackets than any mathamatical equasion i have ever done, does this make me a mathamatician?)

So far your thinking i´m either a mathamatical genius or a halfwit, so please let me know, it might make the coming years easier do deal with :)

Anyways the Columbian chick was slamming his head into the wall and standing on his chest one night.

And when Tulassi told me what he heard the guy say, i nearly collapsed.

The guy said ´Either kill me or fuck me, what ever you do, do it fast, get it over with, because i cant take any more!!!!´


Reva from Canada

One of my quoteable quotes, while in the cave with Tulassi and Brian from Melbourne was ´I´m trying hard to remember what i need to forget to remember´, it was funny to them, but it somehow made sense to me at the time, go figure?

When i was taking the Ayhuasca the second time i said ´Everything is Mayonaise´, Tulassi said ´I´m not amazed, i´m amayonaised´, i did squirt Mayonaise at him one night when i invited him for dinner, it just seemed like the right thing to do, at the time, go figure?

There is a Swedish saying, ´Fuck them all, the fat and the tall´ according to Tulassi

I was reading somewhere ´And like air bubbles trapped in cement, the decisions we make in a moment haunt us for the rest of our lives´, and it made a lot of sense.

Since the Ayhuasca indicated i need to use my intuition more, i read this quote ´Intuition - Use diciplin with intuition and use intuition with objectivity´

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