Tuesday, 5 May 2009

The face when it is sleeping, is the face of the world

So i´m reading ´Shantaram´, and here are some quotes

- If fate doesn´t make you laugh, then you just don´t get the joke
- This is a 2 cups of tea story (and i would add, no mushrooms required)
- Suffering is the way we test our love
- Trouble is the only property a poor guy is allowed to own
- Happiness is a myth, it was invented to make us buy things
- I´m getting the Lewis Carolls

Two guys were fighting over religion
- Their punishment was that they each had to learn a prayer from the religious observations of the other. In this way justice is done, because justice is a judgement that is both fair and forgiving, justice is not done until everyone is satified, even those who offend us must be punished by us.

Justice is not the only way to punish those who do wrong, it is the way we try and save them.
Jusice is Fair + Forgiving + punishes + saves

- In the Pashto language ´Your not a man until you give your love, truly and freely, to a child, and your not a good mana until you earn the love, truly and freely, of a child in return

- News tells us what people did, gossip tells us how much they enjoyed it
- I know i shouldn´t, but i can´t really help it
- Nothing can exist without the existance of the opposite
- Suffering is happiness backwards
- Suffering is when you are hungry, hungry for anything

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