Friday, 22 May 2009

Hi Doc, Google sent me

Photos are from the Mono Blanco (Arequipa)

So after having google ad´s working on my blog, the second day i checked it to see what kind of ad´s were being served and in case you sont know the ad´s are served based on the content, ehat i write about, my content.

Molly and Me

So, the ads being displayed were about ´Clinical Phycology´, so i was thinking, is this a joke? Is google trying to tell me something? Or do i give out advice like Dr Phil.

Will every housewife in America turn to me for solutions to their personal lives? Or does google know better?

Google is god and knows all.

Is it time to check myself in somewhere, is there some google phycology referral process.

Jose from Lima, i have been promised a wild party before Rio!!!

Can i rock up to some clinic and say ´Google sent me´, i thinki that damn search engine is right again, when is it ever wrong?

Xlavier from the Mono Blanco, what a chef and a great guy!

No one is telling any tales

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