Sunday, 3 May 2009

How much is it, too much?

How much is it, too much?

So i started with the teaching of the english, start as you mean to continue (they say, who are they you say?).

I started and it is continuing, i thought i was teaching to orphans, as it turns out the little bastards have parents, i could have killed them all!!

So now i will be teaching english to orphans with parents, not so exciting, maybe i just thought wrong, before i even started, not a good start, eh?

I never saw myself as a mother Theresa (white does look good on me though) kind of person, speaking of figure, my pants are very loose, that is all i have to add to this teaching, figure business.

You figure it out.

Is there any teacher action figures? I know you can get wrestling figures, star wars even Metallica, but not teacher action figures (although wrestling has taught people lots, like how it´s ok to hit people with chairs when the ref isn´t looking, maybe thats all the kids need to know anyways?)

Doing sums makes my head tired and that cant be good for you, with the little mouse in my brain trying to add a 100 gramms of Swiss cheese, a bottle of coke, a snickers.

Nope, not healthy at all, mentaly.

For now i am a teacher, this is what the kids tell me and they should know and i´m beginning to feel something for some (not all) of my teachers and people that go to college to do this stuff, sorrow, happiness, bewilderment, empathy, yes, empathy.

How much, 2 Litres of empathy, is it too much?

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Lisa said...

Sorry man, I've run out of credit and can't call you back but here are the links for the masterpieces! Haha.


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