Monday, 25 May 2009

It's not denial. I'm just selective about the reality I accept.

Myself Danielle and the color pencil´s thief (they fell out of her pocket) what a laugh!!

I saw Lo$ Fucker$ tagged a few time$ (now i´m doing it) around Arequipa, and i was thinking, it doesn´t seem like a good slogan for a gang (i´m assuming it is a gang turf war, nothing to do with any kind of turf you might find in some bog in Ireland, or the things pottering around in them in Ireland (Kerry men)

Now i was thinking (i do that kind of thing a lot) the $ bit was interesting, i can only imagine the $ bit represents money (we all know it doesn´t mean peace on earth)

Money i obiously imoportant to these people, of course you say, we all have to pay out electricity and gas bills, we sure do (but not me!!)

Kids playing marbles (it´s like golf for poor kids)

Obiously, Lo$ Fucker$, well obiously they speak english, i speak english, does that make me a Fucker (If i recruited, we could go plural and that could mean $ + $ = (Something ???)

Just ask any of my Teacher friends

They say:
Kieran is a fucker
But for all the wrong reasons. I´m sure they could come to learn to love me, in time, time we do not have.

Now the Lo$ bit, does anyone remember their French grammar (i spent enough time in the Mono Blanco to have learnt a bit of French, but no) No? Spanish, Si? I mean Yes?

Masculine, plural (Remember?)

Lo$ Fucker$ indeed, many a guy is trying to clean this off their walls all across the city.

Keeping the kids in line (it´s about the only order they understand)

Maybe the people cleaning the walls all across the city are learning a new english word, while vocalising it out loud


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