Sunday, 3 May 2009

Observations on Fashion, with my own eyes, in Bolivia

I wonder what the Bolivia Vogue magazine looks like, from this angle (87 degrees) it is a strange sight indeed, with all the europeans (and some americanos) coming through, you´d think something would rub off with all these gringos comeing through, some hairstyle, any style, freestyle?

The women here wear hats i wouldn´t put on a donkey and shirts i woudn´t let a dog lie on, let alone a pedegree Chaucha dog called ´Sneachta´ lie on (i bought a Chaucha last year and his names ´Sneachta´)

Where does this fashion ´Sense´ or ´absense´ come from, should someone call the fashion police, should i make a citizens arrest?

And all the time Bob Marley is saying ´Could you be loved?´ Not in that outfit, love.

Vogue magazine, get your ass to Bolivia!!

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