Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Pre pizza madness I and II (God bless roman numerals and Rocky for teaching me them)

Andreas (From Argentenia) told me last night, that after Ayhuasca your writing get´s more loopy, i though i was already loopy?

Andreas told me how he feels like he is everything, he is me, he is the painting on the wall, he is the guy in the picture, he is the guy who painted the painting, he is the table. When something hurts the people around him, he feels that also.

Andreas told me how does not say goodbye to people or take photos, because that means he will never see them again, i would agree, he like´s to think he takes people with him.

He feels that all the things he wants and loves come to him, and i really feel that way righ now too, it all comes to me, all i have to do is be me (the crazy Irish guy)

I will take him with me and i have photos and video to prove it, i´ll take his beautiful girlfriend too (they´re not that heavy anyways, and they dont eat much).

We´ll rent a car......

Wanna come too?

1 comment:

Flopi said...

Sure!!! we gonna be there! we are there (Andres says)we love you boy! Look for more people and then remember.. we have to crash the car!!

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