Sunday, 17 May 2009

Pretty fly for a white guy, oh yeah, i´m color blind too

George Clooney Jr put me on to this one, cheers buddy

Welcome to the section i call, stuff i read in a book with no pictures
Winston Churchill defined a fanatic as someone who wont change their mind and cant change the subject

Faith gives us all 3 teachers, 3 friends, 3 enemies and 3 great loves, but those 12 are always disguised and we can never know which is which until we have loved them, left them or faught them

Love is a one way street, it´s not something you get, it´s something you give

Kids playing marbles, serious stuff, it´s golf for poor kids

Something for you to watch, Bertrand Russell, philosopher, historian, logician, mathematician, pacifist and was all for free love!!!

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