Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Sister Ann see´s the future......without perscription glasses

Photos are from Ariquipa

Sister Ann has a vision of the future and it´s like something like nightmare on Elm st, but in the jungle.

So Tulassi wakes up and Sister Ann is there hovering over him and tells him he is going to he horribly murdered in the jungle and then nothing, no more info of this dasterely deed is transmitted through her vocal chords (or a G chord to boot!)

Interesting little situation, none the less, this would be enough to spark anyones interest in further conversation, is it a sign that Tulassi should become a city boy?

And move back to the city, London maybe? And catch the tube everyday and get killed by carbon dioxide, not much jungle in London, unless your talking about a concrete jungle.

At first Tulassi was a bit worried, the Ayhuasca showed him that he would live until 56, this is the same number sister Ann had in mind also. So, he´s already accepted it and he doesn´t look too worried, interesting fellow is that guy Tulassi.

Later Sister Ann read my palm, a lot of things were very interesting, one of the things was she said she saw me working for the UN, Paul said he could see me getting kicked out of the UN, mmaybe they´re both right?

Apparently i would be good with an older woman, Paul did promise to hook me up with his mum when i get back to Melbourne, it would appear the new woman to be is from Australia has 2 kids (not babies) and she is very kind, i will meet her through volunteering, there is some other kid there also (maybe Africa, there´s heaps ok kids there!)

Sister Ann said i have lots and lots of energy and 10min later, she said her hand was still very hot, so i need to channel this energy properly moving forward, i will be helping poor people in the future, i do want to volunteer in Peru, it would appear constrution is the way for me, she told me i should play music again, the Bass she said?

Money, money, money is also on the horizon, as long as the English credit card company things i ´m dead, i cant see any problems there and Brian from Melbourne sings ´Country roads, take me home to the place, where i was born´, it has been fore told that we will be life long friends. He´s going top be cashed up too, good job too, i can hit him up for a few $$$$$.

Sister Ann told Paul to stop chasing vain chicks and that he is wasting all his energy with women.

She told him that masturbation was ok and he wouldn´t get AIDS that way, his vision might get blurry, but no AIDS, or any other disease he cant spell.

On Isla del Sol, there are people with AIDS, on Copa too, in Bolivia you live 4 to 12 months if you have AIDS due to the poor food and the poor health care, in the west you can live up to 25 years.

She also told me i will be in hospital in 4 years, might have to get serious about health checkups, and something about prostate cancer, i check my prostate 50 times a day!!! Sorry, i have to check it again.


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