Saturday, 23 May 2009

So many cats, too little recipes

Photos are from the roof top of Inca Roots Hotel Arequipa, i stayed there for 3 weeks

So its another beautiful day here, here being here, Arequipa and not there (where ever the hell you are?)

I was reading about the Red queen contest from Alice in Wonderland, where you are running just to stay where you are.

It would describe most people stuck in Gyms around the world and most people in Ireland dor that matter (not stuck in Gyms trying to pay for a mortgage, that that could never afford in the first place) NOT ME!!!!

Your supposed to have a mortgage in Ireland, so i suppose thats why i dont have one, your suposed to listen (while seated like a good adult at meatings, teacher ones, this explains why i ran out the door after 1:15 minutes of last nights meating, to do my favourite past time ´Go Karting´ and it was brilliant. I will do it again tonight (not the meating)

But to go from one despair of having to listen to so much crap about bins and people washing dishes in a house i dont even live in for a good 40 min and then to people listen to their own voice, i had enough and i cut and ran and before long i was driftng around corners (you can drink beer there too)

I had a few beers between laps.

Oh how i love my life, it´s the only one i have now, until i make a come back as a squirrel monkey.

Is there any ´Go Karting´ for monkeys? I hope so, i really hope so!!!!

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