Monday, 18 May 2009

To laugh with your eyes

Oh, where have those daze gone, the juggeling daze (the other daze can stay the hell where they are)
Everytime i look in my bag, my 3 juggeling balls look out at me, as if to say ´Pick me up´, like some baby in some riomanian orphanage, and i dont, i say maybe later, maybe it was a phase i was going through, maybe i´ve learnt to let go and now maybe i´ve done that i´ve left the jubbeling balls go too.

I think it´s lost it´s appeal and they still look out as if to say ´Mamma´, i´d like to give them away (to a good home) or throw them at someone, but i dont have the bals to do it.

Do i need more testicles, because that was one of the pointes in learning juggeling, to play with my balls in public without offending anyone visually.

Sure i would announce it for everyone, ´I´d rather be playing with my balls´, but then it wouldn´t be as bad as it sounds, it never is, is it?

Suggestions readers?

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