Thursday, 21 May 2009

Tres Bien Germany, Tres Bien Germany

I saw this German group play tonight, 3 Germans, no sign of hiking boots, i dont believe they were Germans, or Gremlins neither.

I would need to check their passports, met an American chick, she told me her boyfriend was Irish, so i sez ´What part of Ireland is he from´, he´s not.

Here we go again, i´m thinking, he´s from Wisconstin she sez.

See what i mean? You always have to check the passports, if you were a rapper you ´Check the microphone´. When i was in New York and people told me they were Irish, i would tell them i was Jewish and i was willing to pull down my pants to prove this point, my faith even!

It could have been the truth, i didn´t have to go that far, not that i had any fear of being exposed, how can you tell anyways?

But how far is too far? Just done tell me you Irish because you Grandmother´s friend sisters best friend had sex with some guy that said he was Irish, but was really from Chicago (some guys will say anything to get laid anyways, i just tell the truth myself)

But i dont buy it, i dont buy little bottles of water either (maybe i should), so maybe i´m not saying much (and now your wondering whan is he going to say something)

Buy little bottles of water from Jewish guys that haven´t been circumcized, because everybody deserves a chance in life.

Dont buy them from me, unless you like tap water at $2.99 a pop, i tell the truth, remember?

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